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The Carnival of The Random: Geeks, Girls, and Media Misogyny: The Saga Continues


A few weeks ago, we had Ginia Bellafante’s assertion that Game of Thrones is, “Boy fiction,” tarted-up with sex to appeal to women. We got the non-apology-apology from her, and the furor died down a bit.

(My thoughts on that debacle, can be found at nerdsinbabeland)

Today, we get not one,…

(via geekgirldiva)


Letter to the Editor.

To: The Editor of the New York Times

From: A Representative of the Geek Girl Nation

Date:  April 16, 2011

Re:  Review of “Game of Thrones”

In the interest of brevity, I will simply suggest the following:  When assigning reviews for television shows like “Game of Thrones”, it might be beneficial for such a well-respected publication as the Times to avoid engaging the services of writers who will mindlessly perpetuate overbroad generalizations and gender stereotypes, alienating and angering millions of thoughtful, intelligent, and articulate people in the process.  If what the Times wants, however, is to reinforce its reputation as being elitist, slightly misogynistic, and completely out of touch with the societal norms of anyone except the 0.05% of the population who are pseudointellectual media/politicians/celebrities—necessarily mocking and despising everyone else—then you have succeeded quite brilliantly.

You might also want to mention to your staff of writers that women comprise a huge segment of Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre fandom these days, and bear that in mind as editors look at the work they put out.  Editors do still look at the work that writers put out, don’t they?  Looking at the “Game of Thrones” review, I was left wondering.  Perhaps when next a Sci-Fi, Comic Book or Fantasy-related assignment comes along, your editorial staff will consider a writer who has seen the inside of a Comic-Con sometime in their lives, or at least cares enough to find out that there are as many women there as there are men.



Phoenix, AZ Fangirl

Attorney/Author/Charity Costumer/Comic Book Geek