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CISPA hilarity, and Sandra Day O’Connor.

So this whole post is going to sound like complete insanity, but it’s true, start to finish.  I’ll fast forward to the unbelievable part because the rest is kind of boring—I can’t write the part I was going to write because I have to go to a formal tea with retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.  That rules, on a scope that’s hard for me to even absorb.  So the rest of my story goes as such:

I was going to sit down and knock out a walkthrough of CISPA (the Congressional Research Summary) because it’s relevant to my huge monster paper that I’ve been writing that keeps rewriting itself … I write a chunk, and something happens, and something else absolutely *has* to be included, and the landscape of it changes, and I read some more, and some other things change. 

It makes me wonder why I wanted to get into Tech in the first place.

Then I remember that with my inherent “SQUIRREL!” tendencies, the constant fireworks show of new information and material to mull over is probably the perfect thing for me.

Anyway, everyone’s screaming about CISPA.  I can do a walkthrough and feel like I’m contributing to the Greater Good, because as much as people are howling about the thing, how many of them do you think have read it?  Or even read the summary?  I know it’s an inherent weakness of my character, but I dislike having people—bloggers—writing hysteria and hyperbole about things that I’m pretty sure they haven’t even read.  I know they need blog hits to make a living.  I understand the business model.  Call it sheer, unadulterated arrogance on my part if you wish, and I’m okay with that.  I’m not going to let those guys tell me what to think.

So I’ll read over it again, this time with a fine-toothed comb.  I’ll write about it.  You all can peruse it if you wish, or not.  C.Mabe can take a look and pretend she’s never seen it before when I submit my paper later, or not. 

Now I have to go find something to wear to tea.  TEA.  With this country’s first female Supreme Court Justice. 

I am a lucky girl.