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Imperial World, Imperial Baby Shower.

So one of the most exceptionally awesome couples I know is anticipating the arrival of a long-awaited much-desired baby.  They are unique in this Universe in innumerable ways that I need not describe here, but they are Geek Royalty, for good, and for sure. 

So here comes the Imperial Baby Shower, kids. 

There are sites and ETSY things that have baby shower items available, but they’re all … Light Side.  For those of us who are die-hard 501st Legion people, that’s … okay, I guess.  Yoda.  Okay.  My lip curls a little even typing that. 

Toweringly awesome and loyal Imperial parents deserve a classy and fantastic Imperial Baby Shower.   It’s co-ed and will be as much for Dad as for Mom. 

Ideas?  Suggestions?  Colors are mahogany, cream and gold.  Dad goes by the nickname “Farva”, and if you saw him, you’d immediately know why. 

So where do we go with this?  Gold Imperial Cogs on cupcakes?  Ewok target practice? 

Hit me. 

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Postscript to “I’m THAT kind of Freak”

I love being a geek mentor.  The moral of this story is, don’t get so busy that you don’t go back and check the notes on your old Tumblr posts.

A couple of my friends liked my "Freak" post—about being a geek and having pride in knowing that in spite of people never really understanding it, you’re doing good work—but you always expect your friends to like your stuff.  They’re your friends.

Today I caught this in the notes of the post, from im-no-jedi:

"I literally started crying while reading this.  Words cannot even describe just how grateful I am that there are people like this out in the world.  Each and every single person involved in this is a true hero in my eyes, even if they’re dressed up as a villain.  Thank you to everyone involved.  You guys are amazing." 

And she tagged it:  “my dream job now is become a member of the 501st”  and “I will make this happen”

A 23-year-old redhead geek, now inspired to go out in the world and do charity geek work, because of something she saw that *I* wrote and threw out into the universe.  This is geek mentoring as it should be, kids.  The simple fact remains that, be it in the tech industry or geekdom or law or the 501st Legion, there just still aren’t as many girls as there are guys.  It doesn’t matter why.  It just is.

Girl geek hate has been a hot and highly debated topic, and it makes me crazy.  To all those out there that want to slam the door shut to anyone else trying to get into the “club”, I shake my head in wonder at how regrettably short-sighted and petty their insistence on exclusivity continues to be. 

If you don’t let anyone new into the club, when you and your friends die off, who will be left to carry on the standard?

Look, I got in to the 501st as Mara Jade.  She is a fantastic character, incredibly dynamic, female empowerment and badassery at its finest.  I have had groups of teenagers come up to me and a bunch of my friends in Stormtrooper gear with the intent of stealing pieces of my friends’ armor since the visibility out of those helmets is nigh on zero.  I crossed my arms over my chest, tilted my chin down, and in my knee-length cloak, boots, shin guards, black catsuit, gunslinger-style holster, lightsaber hilt attached to my hip, merely gave them a good long stare.

They changed their minds.

Note however, the catsuit.  People, makeup can do lots of things, and Spanx are my friend, but I am *not* going to be stomping around in that thing into my 50s.  I’m just not.  Some things will need to be left for the younger ladies as the years pass.

In business, they call this having a continuity plan.  Hello, Geekdom?  You might want to give this a bit of a thought.  Instead of the few women that are out there digging their heels in and howling about “They don’t love comics like *I* love comics!” and running off all the pretty girls, how about mentoring them?  How about teaching them about the best of what *you* love in your favorite realms?  If you had to only read three graphic novels for the rest of your life, which would they be?  What comic character speaks the most to your heart, and why?  What story arc have you most loved in your life?  What turned you into a comic fan?  Have you read Sarah Kuhn’s book?  

You have the option of doing like The League of Extraordinary Ladies has done and assembling the finest in female fandom.  You can look at people like Terri Hodges,   Consetta Parker, Andrea “ArkhamAsylumDoc”, Nicole Wakelin, Katrina Hill and Jessica Mills and so many others that say, “Hey, I love this stuff, and I would love to share what I love with you.”  You want the best ever?  Try the Geek Girls Book Club.

So maybe the people who got beaten up and bullied all through high school don’t want the “cool kids” to suddenly start wanting to wear a Captain America costume and thinking they understand the Super Soldier program.  I get that.  I was a band geek, you wouldn’t have exactly called me “socially adept” either.  Two things I got from that experience, though, were: “We take care of our own”, and “If someone wants somewhere to go, we accept them”.

Is that so hard?

Oh, and when im-no-jedi saw that I followed her today, she wrote, “OMFG, I’m not worthy!”  That’s just cute.  Maybe she’ll watch what I do and go out and do something to make the world a better place.  In any case, she will know that there’s another redhead girl out there that manages to be a fully-functioning professional, and mom, and geek.  You can grow up and do all the grownup things, as a woman, and you don’t have to give up the things you love. 

My work here is done.

Bridesmaids, Batgirl, and Bad Guys.

Diddly-dorking through Twitter is one of the things that helps me get my brain firing in the morning now.  I can scan back through and see what the minds of the #GeekNation have seen fit to share in the last 12-18 hours or so.

Discussion of smart, funny movies about women:

I may have to start following @critcondition.  @sarahkuhn is a pretty strong reference, and she finds him enjoyable.

I may be outing myself here a bit, and I hope I don’t get my Chick Card revoked, but I like men.  I find them enjoyable.  This isn’t in a “Sex in the City” constantly-prowling-for-cock way, I just find them funny and engaging and entertaining in ways that women aren’t sometimes.  I spent most of my years in Undergrad running around with a knot of male friends, shooting pool and drinking beer, rather than joining a sorority and trying to conform to a set of norms that seemed (from the outside) to be hyperrigid, outdated, and designed to force members to strive for unattainable physical and material goals as part of “blending in”.  It is entirely possible that my fear of not being good enough or pretty enough caused me to preemptively reject them before they had a chance to reject me—I am self-aware enough to realize that.  Part of me, though, realized that unless there was a sorority that took the Justice League of America and somehow sneaked it into the Greek system, I wouldn’t blend.  Ever.

Back to “Bridesmaids”.  It looks good.  I like the idea that a female version of “The Hangover” could get made, and the fact is that there are a lot of women out there that take pilgrimages to Vegas with girlfriends as seriously as do the men.  Men somehow feel that women are going to go sleep with some random dude as part of it (their deep-seated fear), and I really hope that “Bridesmaids” avoids that.  There’s plenty of trouble to be had that doesn’t involve sex with a stranger.  I’m reminded of what Cher said in “Clueless”: “You’ve seen how picky I am about shoes, and those go on my FEET.”

@arkhamasylumdoc tweeted today about a work-related topic, and it reminded me that my first real comic-book character that I loved was Batgirl.  Yeah, the red hair was part of it, but she ran with Batman.  Batman!  And was crazy smart.  And had a dad that didn’t really understand her life and its passions.  And the books.


The 501st turned me into a bad guy. 

I am a crusader by nature, and the lawyer thing has only aggravated that tendency.  Until I became a Star Wars bad guy, I think I was afraid to like the bad guys or identify with them in any kind of meaningful way.  Black, or white.  The good guys had to win in the end—even if they were whiny.  Or boring.  Whatever.  You had to root for the good guy.  Right?


Now I’m enjoying the “Bad Guys” with the wink and the little sparkle in their eyes.

The Good Guys win.  The world keeps turning.  Everything works out in the end, don’t worry.

And there’s a place for the Bad Guys too…

How I have to do business today.

How I have to do business today.